Dedicated WSIB Services.

We are a dedicated team of paralegals who specialize in all areas of WSIB. Our clients are organizations registered with WSIB who want to keep their claims costs in check and minimize time lost due to workplace injuries. Managing WSIB is made up of activities like:
  • Maintaining proper rate classification
  • Managing claims from the moment of the incident to the final resolution
  • Accident investigation
  • Navigating the appeals process
  • Reviewing annual statements
  • Optimizing rebates
  • Building return-to-work programs and a strategy to avoid costly lost time claims
Take advantage of these services and others that meet your unique needs, into one of the packages below.

Basic Service Package

Email and phone support for staff managing WSIB. If a complex situation comes up that requires additional support we can boost the Basic Service Package at an hourly rate.

Comprehensive Package

Full service support for all of your WSIB needs. If an incident occurs we manage the process from reporting the incident to following the case to resolution.

Custom Package

Your WSIB needs are as unique as your business. Talk with us about your goals and together we can build a package that works for you.


  • Maximize return-to-work opportunities
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Train your supervisors, human resource and health and safety staff on-site or in our board room.

Return-to-work Programs

Customized programs based on individual circumstances.

Rate Group Classification

Review current rates to make sure you aren’t overpaying.

Accident Investigation

Create a procedure that ensures you are in compliance with the WSIB and Ministry

Manage Claims

Properly manage WSIB claims from reporting to resolution.

Workplace injuries happen unexpectedly and your team needs to be ready to handle it. Empower your HR team and supervisors to understand the steps to take when an employee is injured. Knowing when and how to file a WSIB claim means faster back-to-work programs and fewer WSIB costs.