We are passionate about WSIB

We live and breathe WSIB because we have seen the impact on organizations and employees when things go wrong. We’ve helped companies out of some very difficult situations where WSIB claims were not handled properly and our goal is to protect our clients against these unnecessary challenges.

Our Team

Sheila Zsoldos, Licensed Paralegal

Sheila brings 37 years of experience in the specialty of workers’ compensation.  Sheila has 26 years of WSIB experience, working directly for the Ontario Board.  She has held positions in claims adjudication, training, management, vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work.  Sheila obtained her paralegal license in 2008 and in 2010 commenced her employer consulting career and opened Zsoldos Consulting Professional Corporation which has brought even further experience and expertise in the consulting field, representing the employer community.

Sheila has represented the employer community in a variety of sectors, representing large, medium and small employers.  Sheila brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.  With Sheila’s experience within the WSIB as a Manager of the Return-to-Work program, Sheila ring that experience forward by delivering effective onsite advocacy in Return-to-Work Mediation.  She also brings expertise in oral and written hearing’s representation.  This expertise includes all matters relative to workers’ compensation and re-employment issues in dispute.

Sheila was invited to join an expert panel on workers’ compensation issues and took part  in an educational seminar at the Law Society in Toronto entitled Ethical Issues in Workers Compensation.  She has been an Associate Professor at Western University, instructing Introduction to WSIB, part of a post-degree program in the Occupational Health and Safety Management designation.  Sheila maintains leading-edge knowledge of developing issues. 

Sonia Graham, Experienced and Accomplished Claims Manager

Sonia has 10 years of experience in the workers’ compensation field; managing claims from all provinces with the exception of Quebec.  Sonia is well versed in managing the full cycle of claims from the onset of injury, return-to-work, recovery through to the appeals level.  Sonia enjoys research and staying abreast of all policy changes.  Her exceptional focus on accident details, opportunities for cost relief, progressing injured workers to recovery, and delving into areas of concern translate into quantifiable, significant benefits to our clients.

Sonia’s background prior to managing workers’ compensation claims was in the human resources and administration arenas; working with various employers in London from Defence contractors to large-scale food manufacturers. 

Sonia graduated from King’s University College at Western University with her BA in Psychology. 

Lily Pham, Claims Specialist

Lily is a highly dedicated and motivated Workers Compensation Specialist with a proven record of high client satisfaction, taking pride in providing the best customer service possible.  Lily has extensive experience in the workers’ compensation field, representing employers in many sectors across Canada from all provinces with the exception of Quebec.  Lily’s background prior to managing workers’ compensation claims was in the administration field with a long track record of working various administrative roles. 

Lily is experienced in efficiently handling matters while approaching key issues with a calm and analytical approach.  Lily is focused on bringing her strong project management experience and knowledge to look after the complete needs of the client; bringing their claims to resolution, lowering claim costs, and increasing cooperation and efficiency to ensure the best client satisfaction.

Lily holds a BA(hons) in Psychology from York University.

Our Appeals Specialists have an extensive background in WSIB legal issues and several are licensed paralegals. We also access a lawyer, specializing in WSIB matters all of whom are in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. Our appeals team has extensive experience working within the Ontario Worker’s Compensation system, representing employers at WSIB and Tribunal appeal hearings and providing written appeal submissions. They are skilled in the areas of business classification, cost analysis, ensuring firms are in complete compliance with the expectations of the WSIB with respect to classification and audit.