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We are passionate about WSIB

We live and breathe WSIB because we have seen the impact on organizations and employees when things go wrong. We’ve helped companies out of some very difficult situations where WSIB claims were not handled properly and our goal is to protect our 

clients against these unnecessary challenges.

Our Team

Sheila Zsoldos, Licensed Paralegal

Sheila boasts an impressive 36-year career specializing in workers’ compensation, encompassing 26 years of invaluable experience directly with the Ontario Board. Throughout her tenure, she has held diverse roles in claims adjudication, training, management, vocational rehabilitation, and return to work, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the field.

In 2008, Sheila obtained her paralegal license, marking a significant milestone in her professional journey. Subsequently, in 2010, she ventured into employer consulting and founded Zsoldos Consulting, further expanding her expertise and contributing to her wealth of knowledge.

As an employer representative, Sheila has successfully advocated for the employer community across various sectors, servicing organizations of all sizes. Her extensive experience is a testament to her depth of knowledge and proven track record. Her specialization lies in delivering effective onsite advocacy in Return-to-Work Mediation and providing expert representation in written Appeals, covering all aspects of workers’ compensation and re-employment disputes.

Recognized for her expertise, Sheila was invited to join an expert panel on workers’ compensation issues in 2014 and again in 2022. She actively participated in an educational seminar at the Law Society in Toronto titled “Ethical Issues in Workers Compensation,” demonstrating her commitment to staying abreast of evolving industry dynamics. Sheila’s dedication to maintaining leading-edge knowledge positions her as a trusted authority in the field, making her a valuable asset to clients seeking informed and effective workers’ compensation consultation.

Sonia Graham, Experienced and Accomplished Claims Manager

Sonia is an accomplished professional with an extensive background in Claims Management, HR/HS support and Administration. Currently serving as the Senior Workers’ Compensation Account Manager, she brings over a decade of expertise in effectively managing WSIB/WCB Claims. Sonia excels in guiding clients through accident investigations, crafting modified work offers, and adeptly representing employers in Return to Work meetings. Her proficiency extends to conducting thorough cost relief reviews, identifying opportunities for clients to transfer costs and skillfully challenging claims.

Prior to her current role, Sonia has held pivotal positions in Administration, Human Resources, and Health & Safety support within the defense manufacturing and food industries. Her diverse experience underscores her versatility and adaptability in addressing the unique challenges of different sectors.

Sonia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Western University and has recently completed a Paralegal Program, graduating with distinction. Her commitment to professional growth is evidenced by her forthcoming Law Society of Ontario licensing exam in February 2024.


Sonia’s skill set is marked by strong communication, exceptional organizational abilities, and proactive decision-making in high-pressure situations. With a dedicated focus on customer service, Sonia has consistently surpassed expectations, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence across all facets of her work.

Brie Tiffin, Appeals Specialist

Brie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Windsor and a Regulatory Law Administration Graduate Certificate from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. Her education focused on legal and regulatory environments, including subjects such as Alternative Dispute Resolution, Legal Research, and Administrative Law.


With a career spanning over a decade, Brie has a wealth of experience in the legal field. Notably, she served as a Senior Legal Worker at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, managing a large caseload and demonstrating expertise in workplace safety and insurance law. Her responsibilities included reviewing case materials, communicating with stakeholders, and consulting on medical and legal matters.


Brie’s commitment to excellence is reflected in her academic achievements, as evidenced by her inclusion on the President’s Honour List at Seneca College for two semesters. Additionally, she holds a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Seneca College in 2004. Recently, she completed a Paralegal Program, graduating with distinction and intends to write her Law Society of Ontario licensing exam February 2024.


Overall, Brie brings a robust educational background, extensive work experience, and a commitment to ongoing professional development, making her an invaluable asset to the Corporate Workplace Injury Management team and its clients.

licensed paralegal team

Lily Pham, Claims Specialist

Lily is a highly dedicated and motivated Workers’ Compensation Specialist known for her unwavering commitment to ensuring high client satisfaction and delivering exceptional customer service. With a proven track record in the workers’ compensation field, Lily has successfully represented employers across various sectors throughout Canada, excluding Quebec.


Lily brings a wealth of experience to her role, emphasizing a focus on comprehensive client care. Her strong project management expertise enables her to oversee the complete needs of the client, from bringing claims to resolution to strategically lowering claim costs. Lily is dedicated to enhancing cooperation and efficiency, ultimately ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.


Educationally, Lily holds a BA(Hons) in Psychology from York University, underscoring her commitment to a well-rounded understanding of human behavior and enhancing her ability to navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation claims with a compassionate and informed approach. Lily’s multifaceted background, coupled with her dedication to excellence, positions her as a standout professional in the field of workers’ compensation

Tammy Kropf, Office Coordinator

With a versatile background in supporting organizational executives and enhancing client services, Tammy has been a consummate and dedicated professional.  She has excelled in showcasing her comprehensive administrative skills and has served as the first point of contact for clients, managing phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments, organizing files, and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.


Throughout her career, Tammy has consistently demonstrated strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to providing exceptional support across various industries and has brought these talents with her to the support the Corporate Workplace Injury Management team.

Our Appeals Specialists have an extensive background in WSIB legal issues and several are licensed paralegals. We also access a lawyer, specializing in WSIB matters all of whom are in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. Our appeals team has extensive experience working within the Ontario Worker’s Compensation system, representing employers at WSIB and Tribunal appeal hearings and providing written appeal submissions. They are skilled in the areas of business classification, cost analysis, ensuring firms are in complete compliance with the expectations of the WSIB with respect to classification and audit.